Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I received this email from a OneWebDay Volunteer. Sounds like a good idea...


Dear friends of OneWebDay,

We need you to vote for OWD's proposal <http://tinyurl.com/owd-idea> at

Joshua Levy at Change.org (NOT change.gov, fyi) contacted Susan and the OWD
Board to partner with his project "Ideas for Change in America project."
The project is a citizen-driven effort to identify the best ideas to effect
the change the Obama Administration has promised.

Here's how the competition works: anyone can go to www.change.org/ideas and
submit a policy idea, discuss with others, and vote on the best ideas from
around the country. Just before Inauguration Day, change.org will host an
event in Washington, DC and hand-deliver the top 10 rated ideas to a
representative of the Obama Administration. They'll then mobilize the
collective energy of the millions of people on Change.org, MySpace, and
partner organizations to ensure that each winning idea gets the full
consideration of the administration and the 111th Congress.

We identified several ideas that we thought resonate with OWD values, and we
even added our own, "Recognize OneWebDay as National Day to Celebrate and
Promote the Social Benefits of the Web." We hope you will sign up and vote
for our idea, check out the other great ideas we found, and maybe post some
of your own ideas. And, please, help us spread the word!

What you can do:

* Sign up at https://www.change.org/admin/sign_up. If you already have
a change.org account, skip to the next step
* Vote for the OWD submission at <http://tinyurl.com/owd-idea>.
* Also take a look at these great ideas and vote for them if you like
o Interactive Government -
o Support Network Neutrality Legislation -
o Support the Free Software Movement -
o Create a National Broadband Network -
o APIs for Federal Services -
o As you forward this along, please feel free to add ideas you
* Spread the word! Forward this message along to your friends,
colleagues, and any lists where you think people will appreciate the
invitation to participate.

The leadership team at OWD is hard at work crafting the plan for OWD 2009,
and we hope you plan to be involved.

Matt Cooperrider

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Help us Make History: 10 Full Days before the OneWebDay e-Democracy Time Capsule Closes!

OneWebDay is September 22, and you can get involved!

OneWebDay (OWD) is a global event, like an Earth Day for the Internet. It is a platform people can use to educate and activate others about issues that are important for the Internet's future. As OWD grows, it will build a global constituency that will work to protect and develop the benefits that the Internet brings to society. Every year, OWD focuses on a key Internet value. In light of this year's historic US election and the rise of a new online "public square" all over the world, we are focusing on online political participation.

To mark the third OWD in Washington, DC, the DC OWD planning committee launched the e-Democracy Time Capsule in beta on August 22. It is now ready for the public. Check it out by visiting timecapsule.onewebday.org

Anyone across the country and the world can contribute by adding text, images, and video that celebrates e-Democracy to an open blog. We invite you to add the following entries:

Best of the e-Democracy Web: Your favorite tools, citizen journalist site, etc. What empowers you to act online?

e-Democracy heroes: Brag about your friends and colleagues- who is behind the best political technology, content, and critical policy fights today?

Legislation and Policy: What are the issues we face in delivering the best possible future for e-Democracy?

Letters to the future: How do you see the e-Democracy Web growing (or failing) in the future?

We have 10 full days to pack the Time Capsule with the great content YOU submit. Go to http://timecapsule.onewebday.org/how-to-contribute/ to help us make history. If you've already blogged about these issues, please cross post at the Time Capsule. And don't forget to brag about your contribution to your friends on your blog, link over to the Time Capsule, and help us spread the word before OWD!

On One Web Day, September 22, we will hold a closing ceremony for the Time Capsule at the New America Foundation. Stay tuned for details.

Why a Time Capsule? Both politics and technology move so fast, sometimes we forget to recognize that these new tools and the people who use them have opened a brand new chapter in the big social experiment we call "democracy." We built a central hub to gather and document all of the amazing things that people are doing online to participate politically. Furthermore, the Internet of the future may be very different than the one we know today. As Internet gatekeepers strive to put fences around our new public squares, we will work in the coming weeks and months to find historians and archivists to help us create a physical, non-digital version of the Time Capsule that can be shared, studied, and used for discussion and debate for generations to come.

We hope you will join us in documenting the progress we have made in empower people online and in building a future that delivers on the fuller potential of the e-Democracy Web!

Visit timecapsule.onewebday.org


The DC OWD Planning Committee